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Amman, Jordan
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Easimple-3D Think it... Design it... print it...

Educational videos and articles in the various fields in 3D printing and its techniques.

What we do

OUR Departments

Easimple-3D is a startup, providing tools and a complete educational methodology in 3D printing technology for children to develop student innovation and creativity.

3D Printer Manufacture

3D printers child friendly Made entirely by the technical team of the company with great standards.

3D Modeling Department

in addition to 3D modules, students can download and print them on their own printer.

Curriculum Writing Section

Interactive educational curricula, which gradually introduce him/her to a thorough understanding of 3D printing.

Online Educational Platform

educational videos and articles in the various fields in 3D printing and its techniques.


Vision ..... Achievements

Developing a three-dimensional learning toolkit and integrating it into the educational process to enhance education and develop students’ minds.

Website & Mobile Development
Developed Practical Scientific Curricula

We developed practical scientific curricula for school students in the field of design and technology for 3D printing.

Training Courses

We trained school students to design and print 3D models.

Workshops For University

Workshops for university students in 3D printing.

Manufacturing Process

We manufacture three types of printers

Start-Up Achievements

Top 10 ButtleJO startup.
Top 5 Spark universities competition.
Top 3 Spark competition.
Top 3 EY 2019 Award

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Get in touch

Amman, Jordan

+962 7 9650 9382